A single card from public transport to payment!



Top 6 Benefits

  • benefit1
    Korea's representative bank card, Transit Cards
  • benefit2
    Easy Deposit (Charge)
  • benefit3
    Zero fees
  • benefit4
    Unlimited cashback & benefits
  • benefit5
    Google reservation service
  • benefit6
    Hassle-free Withdrawals (refunds)
Korea's representative bank card

Stay safe with a card from Korea's leading bank

Pay at 5 million stores nationwide

  • woori-bank
    Upon arrival in Korea, safely pick up your card at Woori Bank in Incheon Airport. Make your currency exchange and deposit at the best exchange rate.
  • hana-bank
    KOREA TRAVEL CARD uses the HanaCard card network, and can be used anywhere in Korea.
Transit Cards
T-money, EZL Transportation Card

Nationwide buses, subways, and taxis!

  • transit1

    National buses, Seoul/Jeju City Tour Bus, Airport Limousine

    (Incheon International Airport - Seoul/ Gyeonggi/Incheon area)
  • transit2

    National Subway

    (Service may be limited in some areas due to Korail policy.)
  • transit3

    National Taxi

  • transit4

    KTX•Saemaeul• Mugunghwa•ITX Cheongchun•Nuriro, etc

  • transit5

    National Express Bus terminal

  • transit6

    National Expressway Corporation toll booths, private toll booths

    (Excluding some roads)

*You can charge your transit balance at subway transit card charging terminals, convenience stores(CU, GS25, 7-11), and kiosks.

Easy Deposit (Charge)
Anywhere, as much as you want

Airport banks, convenience stores, Currency Exchange, kiosks,

Online Recharge via App

  • charging1

    Online Recharge via App Mobile Payments, Visa, Master, Amex, Union Pay

  • charging2

    At a bank at the airport Exchange and deposit money upon arrival in Korea

  • charging3

    At a MONEY BOX Exchange and recharge at the best exchange rates

  • charging4

    Charge at over 14,000 CU convenience stores nationwide

  • charging5

    charge at kiosks in major tourist spots

Zero fees
No deposit fees, no payment fees

When depositing at Woori Bank

ZERO fees!

  • woori-bank
    Upon arrival in Korea, exchange your money at the best exchange rate at Woori Bank at the airport and make a commision-free deposit.
  • hana-bank
    The KOREA TRAVEL CARD uses the Hana Card card network, you can pay anywhere in the country without any fees.
  • Unlimited cashback & benefits

    Up to 50% cash back

    at partner stores

    0.2% unlimited cash back

    on every purchase

    Google reservation service

    10,000 partner stores

    nationwide Provision of

    reservation services

    Hassle-free Withdrawals(Refunds)

    Find an ATM or convenience store near you

    Hassle-free refunds

    • refunds1
    • refunds2
    • refunds3

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