Pay Anywhere
# All Transport Available
# All Stores Nationwide
Payback Everywhere
# Up to 20% Extra Payback at Partner Stores
# 0.2% Payback on Every Purchase (End of July 2023)
# Unlimited Payback Rewards
Easy Pick-up & Balance Tracking
# Pick-up Anywhere : Airport, Myeongdong, Hongdae, Gangnam, and more
# Real-Time Balance
Management via App
Free Refund
# Available at Korea Travel Card Myeongdong office
[Before Entering Korea]
1. Receive QR Code
After making a restaurant reservation with Google, save the QR code of voucher in your mobile that you received via email. When you arrive in South Korea, scan the QR code at the Namane card KIOSK to get your Korea Travel Card. Please check that the restaurant is a partner of [REDTABLE] when you make a reservation with Google. The QR code is only issued for REDTABLE reservations.
[Before Entering Korea]
2. Download [Namane Card] App
Please download the Namecard App and sign up for membership. Airports can be crowded after you arrived. If you download the app and sign up in advance, you'll have a more convenient experience. The Korea Travel Card operated through the Namanecard app

[After Entering Korea]
3. Card Issuance & Registration
Scan your QR code at the Namane Card KIOSK to receive the Korea Travel Card. Kiosks are located at Airports, Myeongdong, Hongdae, Gangnam, etc. Please register your Korea Travel Card on the Namane Card APP after issuance.

Click here to find KIOSK locations

[After Entering Korea]
4. Charge Amount
Please top up your card at KIOSK. You can charge money for Pay and Transportation separately. The fee of cash(KRW) charge is 0%, cregit card fee is 4%. You can change the balance of Pay and Transportation through the APP.

Click here to read manual

[After Entering Korea]
5. Register On [Korea Travel]
To receive payback benefits at partner stores, you should register your Korea Travel Card at [Korea Travel]. Please remember to register your card at [Korea Travel] before using it.

Click here to register your card

[After Entering Korea]
6. Using Korea Travel Card
If you're planning to visit South Korea, try the Korea Travel Card. The Korea Travel Card is available at all stores and on public transportation, offering discounts of up to 50% at partner stores.

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